Security of Cloud Based Electronic Medical Systems


There are quite a few electronic medical records software system solutions that offer the electronic charts as part of their solution. If you stick to the above precautions and do a thorough research before settling on a solution, you will most definitely qualify for the Medicare or Medicaid incentive money through the ARRA HITECH Act. Another reason for these systems is to comply with the HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules and set objectives for practitioners who wish to participate in the meaningful use incentives program. The security of electronic medical records systems is being questioned by many stake holders such as the physicians, patients, government, etc. Whose data and information are used in these systems? This is not surprising considering the types of breaches that have occurred in other sectors that have gone electronic in the recent past. For example, loss of funds due to credit card fraud, identity theft that results in information theft, hacking into major network systems, dramatic increase of sophisticated phishing attacks on major social networks, just to mention a few. It is also interesting to note that the software may work in conjunction with hard-drive encryption programs to ensure compliance with HIPAA security regulations.

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